About Toni Brides main stylist Toni..

Toni has been a professional MUAH (makeup artist and hairstylist) for over 8 years. Her experience includes film, commercial, music video and print. However, her main passion is weddings and special events. She loves working with real everyday people 🙂

A little bit about Toni before all of these started:

She has a business background and was working for major corporations for a long time. On 2009, an unforeseen opportunity opened her eyes, that’s when she started perusing Makeup and Hair as a profession and never looked back since then!

The inspiration behind:

It all started when she was an young teenager. She loved playing with lipsticks that she secretly bought. She would put it on friends cheeks, eyelids, lips just to add a little pop of color and life. She would do all her friends’ makeup in college, using lunch break to put eye makeup on her coworkers during her corporate years..  For her, today really is a childhood dream come true and a platform to express her passion and creativity. She feels deeply gratified in helping women looking and feeling beautiful…She absolutely loves it!

What makes Toni stand out:

Working with people from diverse cultural and backgrounds has built priceless experience for her. The sensitivity to observe, analyze, and transform through her hands has enabled Toni to deliver results that satisfy a wide range of clients.

She is real, calm and positive.

Toni’s words:  

‘Do what you love and love what you do! I feel blessed everyday to be able to service and help others through what I enjoy doing!!

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