Wedding Day Preparation

Pre- organizing and scheduling is the Key to a more enjoyable wedding day!

In this video, I talk about the three main things that will help you having a better experience for the first part of your BIG DAY!

We hope this video will help your wedding day a little less stressful and a little more relaxing!

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Posted by Toni Brides on Saturday, October 13, 2018

Korean Wedding

Toni Brides’ last wedding of 2016 – Korean Wedding! We love how the makeup and hairstyle look on our bride Victoria. It’s new year’s eve, early and raining but it’s all worth it! Victoria was super happy about how her makeup and hair turned out to be for her big day!

For makeup, I did a smoky eye and used traditional foundation on the bride. Contour and highlight is a must to achieve this dimensioned makeup look.

For hair, I did a soft half up-do with some ribbon twist at the center of the back.

We hope you love this look too!

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Toni Brides Wedding Makeup and Hair_bride_before_20161231



Our current specials:
*Specials on Wedding Trials and Engagement Makeup and Hair ($20 off of $150)
*On-going Monday Free Make-over for moms.

  Every Monday we have Free Make-over for moms.  Just a little something to make them feel good and appreciated. If you want to test out makeup for your moms for your big day, this would be a good chance.  

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Bridal Makeup and Hair Los Angeles

Busy weekend ended with three successful bridal makeup and hair trials! My back and neck were protesting afterward but it’s all worth it!! All three Brides-to-be loved their makeup and hair look from our trial.

3 hours later on 6/27, bride Pamela’s mom was nearly screaming with excitement how pretty she looked (in Spanish). Pamela told me for her mom to act like that, I must have done a really good job. 🙂

Yesterday, I met and worked with one of the most easy going and sweet bride Justine. During our trial, she was texting her fiancé her selfie even before her makeup is done and told me that he really liked it too.

Can’t wait to work with these three!

ps. Pamela’s trial photos are coming soon!

Email us: if you’re looking for an artist  for your Bridal Makeup and Hair in Los Angeles area


Toni Brides_Bridal Makuep_Beforeafter_Trial_20150628

Toni Brides_Bridal Makuep_Beforeafter_Trial_20150628



Event Makeup – the 1st Black & Sexy award

What did I learn from this Event Makeup:

Had my opportunity to work on the 1st Black & Sexy Award last Friday! While working with these three beautiful caramel to dark skin toned ladies, we had great conversations not only about makeup, but also about what they do, what they like. Within minutes, they trusted themselves in my hands without even looking at the mirror.  We were totally connected and it felt incredible!

Often times, I hear makeup artists complaining about their clients.. I’ve been there and I understand it. But what I want to ask is: do you care about them and do you listen to them? The dynamic changes dramatically when I put myself second and my service first. I want all and any of my client to have a GREAT experience when they are sitting on my chair. I want them to know that I care about them and I want to know their story. I want them to feel that they can trust me! I constantly tell them how beautiful they are, not because I’m been fake, but because I see the beauty within them, and I want them to see that too! This really made a huge difference not only on how they feel, but also on how much more I enjoy what I do.

Now I wake up in the morning receiving emails from referrals of my past clients and they rave about me. Even wedding coordinator that I have never met speak highly about me. Can you imagine how amazing that feels?

Enjoy the makeup images! Hop to ‘before and after page’ to see the transformation!

I can put makeup on people but I can’t fake this genuine and bright smile on her face. This is what she sees and how she feels. Incredible! It’s a quick 20 minutes transformation!

DreamStoryPhoto_ Portrait_Black and Sexy_IMG_8649

Black & Sexy Award Host. Glam makeup by me

DreamStoryPhoto_ Portrait_Black and Sexy_IMG_8653

Black & Sexy Award Red Carpet Host. Makeup by me

DreamStoryPhoto_ Portrait_Black and Sexy_IMG_8657-Edit


Hermosa Beach Wedding

I got to be the main hairstylist at a Hermosa Beach Wedding last weekend and it was absolutely a delightful experience! Bride and bridesmaids, wedding party were getting ready at Beach House Hotel Hermosa Beach right at the water front. Gorgeous view and I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding photos are going to turn out!

Blake and I had our trial last December. I kept our trial photos and we communicated after the trial to adjust any changes she’d like to have for her wedding day. On the day of, due to the weather change, we decided to make some small changes on the back of her hair so I can secure it with more bobby bins in this weather through out the day. We know humidity is a killer for lose hair dos!

While working on Blake, I was so flattered as she told me that her wedding coordinator Natalie Sofer (you can check her out here) had spoken highly about me even though we’ve never met in person.

The whole starting part of the wedding was a huge success. We had 1 bride, 8 bridesmaids and 1 mom and we finished a little before the set time thanks for Blake and Natalie’s diligent work!

Here’re a couple of photos from the day of. Hair by Toni Brides.


Portrait Deals

Good news! We’re currently doing portfolio building portrait sessions! Our Portrait Deals are:

  1. Professional Makeup and Hair included,
  2. Up to 3 outfit changing during portrait session with wardrobe instructions,
  3. 5 retouched full size images in up to 2 weeks time. (Other images will be available for purchase once uploaded for view)
  4. Boudoir welcome!

All the above for $ 125 ( Much cheaper than any portrait photography’s session fee in town! Plus 5 free images and professional Makeup and Hair!!) Deals apply to the first 20 people only!!

Pair up with your best friend, sisters or your significant other! It will be a lot of fun!!!

Email us at: or to book yours! More Portraits can be seen here!

Here’re some portraits we’ve done in the past few weeks!

see more photos at: Makeup and Hair by: Toni Brides

see more photos at:
Makeup and Hair by: Toni Brides

see more photos at: Makeup and Hair by: Toni Brides

see more photos at:
Makeup and Hair by: Toni Brides

Mommy and baby Portrait see more photos at: Makeup and Hair by: Toni Brides

Mommy and baby Portrait
see more photos at:
Makeup and Hair by: Toni Brides


Prom Makeup

It’s amazing how fast kids grows! Last Saturday, I got to do one of my good friend’s step daughter’s Prom Makeup. She still looked like a little teenager when I last saw her two years ago. Yet today, she’s grown into a beautiful young woman, going to prom with her boyfriend. How time flies..

During our makeup session, she showed me what she liked and didn’t like from last year’s event makeup done by another professional makeup artist. We quickly grasped the look for her that suits her prom theme – Hollywood Glam!

She was super happy with the result! How stunning does she look?!

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_before makeup_IMG_6240

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_before makeup_IMG_6240

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_prom makeup_IMG_6241

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_prom makeup_IMG_6241

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_Prom makeup_IMG_6246

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_Prom makeup_IMG_6246

It’s still prom season. If you or someone you know are looking for to get their makeup and hair done professionally, give us a call at 818 259 3087 or email us at!

How to reduce dark circles

How to reduce dark circles? What is it caused by?

Dark circles are caused by stress, poor blood circulation, irregular sleeping/life habit and genetics. It shows more as we get older. There’re many ways to help reduce it. For example: leaving refrigerated cold green tea bags under the eye area for a few minutes, getting more sleep and applying a good eye cream/serum that contains vitamin C daily (vitamin C has brightening effect, if use in the morning, remember to use sunscreen after that before going out).

Here’s a good link for home remedies if you’re interested: (I’m all about nature products when it comes to skin care)


In the makeup world, a good concealer can help reduce the dark circle appearance drastically. Make sure to apply a good layer to moisturizer or eye cream before applying the concealer so the concealer can go on smoothly. Look for something that’s a tone or two lighter than your skin and also dries fast and creases less (MAC Cosmetics has a good one, another brand I really like is LA Girls Cosmetics). If you have olive or darker skin tone, go for the concealer that has orange color in it, then lightly cover it with a medium to full coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Then, set it with a translucent powder. Remember, less is more.

Stay Healthy and Beautiful 🙂

Used LA Girls Cosmetics Concealer here

Used LA Girls Cosmetics Concealer here

Engagement Party. Natural glam makeup and hair

Engagement Party. Natural glam makeup and hair