Healthy dessert recipe for weddings

Healthy dessert recipe for weddings 🙂

Good Thursday my lovely brides-to-be! I’ve been thinking about having more varieties of posts on my website recently as it goes, maybe add more health tips, tips to distress etc.. The reason for that is because I know how stressful it could be to plan your wedding and I want to contribute whatever I know that works to help you feel more calm and happy before your big day! So here,  to start with, I want to share this great dessert recipe with you guys that I’m in love with. To tell you a little bit about the history:

I’m recently becoming more focused on my body detoxification during the seasonal change and so last night I was craving for dessert and tried this recipe of raw chocolate truffles with gluten, dairy and sugar free ingredients. Immediately, I thought this would be a great dessert for brides who would like to do a little detoxification to clean their body and skin before their big day but not be stressed because they can’t eat anything sweet during the period. Or, it could just be an awesome and simple healthy and wholly sweet treats for kids and other attendants on your wedding day. if you don’t have the time to prepare it yourself, have a family member or friend to help. It last for at least a week in the refrigerator so you can even make it ahead of time! 

Here is the recipe I used: 

It came out great although it’s my first try. I used organic raw almond butter instead of raw almond to make the whole process a bit easier. They are not only absolutely delicious, but they also don’t leave you an acidic after taste like refined sugar sweets do. Besides that, they are actually GOOD for you! Hope you enjoy it 

Love and blessings from Toni Brides <3

Raw chocolate truffle

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