Hermosa Beach Wedding

I got to be the main hairstylist at a Hermosa Beach Wedding last weekend and it was absolutely a delightful experience! Bride and bridesmaids, wedding party were getting ready at Beach House Hotel Hermosa Beach right at the water front. Gorgeous view and I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding photos are going to turn out!

Blake and I had our trial last December. I kept our trial photos and we communicated after the trial to adjust any changes she’d like to have for her wedding day. On the day of, due to the weather change, we decided to make some small changes on the back of her hair so I can secure it with more bobby bins in this weather through out the day. We know humidity is a killer for lose hair dos!

While working on Blake, I was so flattered as she told me that her wedding coordinator Natalie Sofer (you can check her out here) had spoken highly about me even though we’ve never met in person.

The whole starting part of the wedding was a huge success. We had 1 bride, 8 bridesmaids and 1 mom and we finished a little before the set time thanks for Blake and Natalie’s diligent work!

Here’re a couple of photos from the day of. Hair by Toni Brides.


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