Up do with braids

Who loves a textured braid low bun with a good volume for their wedding day or special event?

Such a popular and practical style

especially if your hair doesn’t hold curls well


Beautiful Makeup Starts With Good Skin Care


A beautiful makeup application can’t happen without good skin care. I urge all brides-to-be to take care of their skin by exfoliating regularly and moisturizing daily to create a good canvas for your big day ūüôā
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Bride and Bridal Party

Love this photo from Sarah’s wedding

bride + 7 bridesmaids makeup and hair by Toni Brides team.

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Amazing Image by @viaimagery

Shimmery copper tone eyeshadow

Who loves a shimmery copper tone eyeshadow for the wedding day makeup with some full lashes?

I love this look on brides as well! It’s not overly dramatic but still accentuates the eyes and bring out some drama. Perfect for a soft smoky look with a twist ūüôā

How do you like it?


Bridal Makeup Look

This Bridal Makeup Look is dedicated to brides to be who want a soft glam look for their big day.

I’m always amazed of how much color the camera washes off..So, even though, this makeup looks quite ‘natural’ on camera, it’s more glam¬†and heavy¬†in person. ūüôā To achieve this look¬†on myself, I had to use a good amount of¬†coverage¬†to start with¬†because of all my skin imperfections. Filling in brows is one of the most important part I’ve notice since I’ve started taking photographs.¬†It feels really weird¬†to fill in my brows, extend them¬†and make them look darker, because I hardly ever do anything with them even¬†when I go out! I know a lot of you feel the same way, but let me¬†tell you this, your brows has to balance¬†your entire makeup when it’s done. When it’s too light or sparse comparing to the rest of the face, it will end up looking like as if the makeup is not finished and some part is missing! Especially for close up photos like below. Trust me on this!! ūüôā

For this look, I wanted some sparkle on my eyes but still make my eyes look bigger and stunning for photos. Those of you who are Asians probably know that it’s hard to achieve both. That is probably also what I’m good at: adjusting the placement of colors and liners and depending on your eye shape. ūüôā

Now lastly, I finished the look with some highlight on my cheek bones, the bridge of the nose and used a fan brush for a dust of over all glow!


I¬†always inform my clients about the fact that camera washes off colors quite a bit and help them to balance what they are looking for¬†in¬†images¬†and also feel comfortable on a personal level. It is true though, the images will last forever after your big day and that’s going to be the memories for both of you! If it’s hard to decide, we¬†are here to¬†help by staying longer¬†to give you different looks through out your day, and adjust what look goes best according to your time for ‘First Look’, ‘ceremony’ and evening dancing party..On top of that, I would stress you by asking you to do a pre-wedding trial. It is that necessary and it is all about you!!

The images below are chosen carefully to demonstrate how this romantic, soft glam bridal makeup look from different angles, with and without a veil. All photos are taken by Toni Brides. Enjoy!


ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_front
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_front
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204)_profile
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204)_profile
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_side2
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_side2
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_side_veil
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_side_veil
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_side_veilon
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204_side_veilon
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204
ToniBrides Makeup_20150204
ToniBrides Wedding Makeup_20150204_161255
ToniBrides Wedding Makeup_20150204_161255

The Importance of Wedding Trial

The importance of wedding trial can not be emphasized more.

Trial gives our brides the chance to see how their preferred makeup style and hairstyle would look on themselves. We may be drown to certain images from the webs but we’ll never know how it will look on us until we try it out! Whether it goes well with our skin tone, brings out more of our beautiful features or whether it goes well with our wedding colors and themes.. The point is also that¬†we want to look the best we can and still feel comfortable in person!

Here is a little tip for choosing preferred looks for your trial:

1. Do I wear makeup often? Although the makeup looks stunning on the image, will it look good on me? Will I feel comfortable having this makeup look on me for my wedding day?

2. Ask your friends, family and Husband-to-be and see how they think about the makeup style you like. We want you to not only feel beautiful on your wedding day, but also feel like yourself. And we want your other half to love how you look too!

3. When choosing hairstyles, try to look for the hairstyle that has similar hair color / length as yours. The lighter the hair color is, the better it reflects light and texture. Here are a few questions you may wanna ask yourself:

 a. This hairstyle looks pretty, but will it complement my face shape?

 b. Will this hairstyle go well with my dress?

 c. Does my hair hold curls well?

Braids will take some of your hair volume, so if you have thin hair, you may wanna consider that as well.

Here is the perfect example, our beautiful bride to be Crystal had her trial with me yesterday. She loved the smoky, glamorous look but when she went home, her fianc√©¬†wanted a more nature look on her. ūüôā We are happy to schedule another makeup trial for her! We wanna everyone to be happy! So definitely, especially when choosing makeup looks, talk about that with your beloved ones and make sure to let them know that makeup usually look more intense in person but will photograph beautifully on camera!

Our trial special $99 for both airbrush makeup and bridal hairstyling will end on 12/31/14, so make sure to schedule a trial before that!

Talk soon!


Toni Brides


Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_Trial_110614
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_Trial_110614