Wonderful Gift From Bride

Wonderful gift from bride..

Waking up this morning with the most wonderful and thoughtful gift from my recent bride Val..

It’s a book I’ve incidentally ‘lost’ in the past few months and she bought and mailed it to me within a day! I was speechless..

Thank you Val for such an amazing gift, thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet! I feel blessed to have met great clients and some of the most amazing women in my life 

Together with this book, I want to encourage all brides and brides to be to read ‘If the Buddha Married’ by the same author- Charlotte Kasl. They are truly soul cleansing, full of wisdom and truth. May your marriage be a long lasting journey that’s full of love, support and wisdom xo

Some comments about these books:

Insightful, clear, humorous, delightful. A must-read for all people who value honesty, kindness, and compassion in the affairs of the heart.’ – Susan Page

“Brings the Buddha’s wisdom to the complex world of intimate relationships. In if the Buddha Married, she brings clarity to an area filled with confusion, and hope to an area where so many of us have far too little. We’ve all heard that marriage can be a spiritual experience; reading this book, you actually believe it.’ – Marianne Williamson

If the Buddha Dated If the Buddha Married

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