Before and After

Welcome to our ‘Before and After’ page!

Before you overthink, we just want you to know that EVERYONE can look their best including YOU  when you are working with the right people.

  • We’ve had clients went through 4 trial runs with others and came to us.
  • We’ve had many last minutes’ bookings because our clients got canceled by their makeup artists.
  • We’ve had clients expressing how stressed out they are because the trial went so wrong and the hairdo fell within 30 minutes while they are shopping at the mall and finally realize that ‘you get what you pay for’

Yikkies!!! So many things can go wrong when you are not working with a team who cares and who’d go the extra mile to make you happy!!!

That’s why not only do you need a team that are properly trained and have years of experience in the wedding industry BUT ALSO 100% reliable!

We understand the difference between a bride’s wedding day versus a music video, a photoshoot or a red carpet event where you have someone there to touch you up every few minutes!

We understand you want your big day to be the #bestdayever and #stressfree while you can look lawless for 16 plus hours!

That’s why EXPERIENCE and QUALITY are the two things we NEVER compromise when it comes to serving you.

By now, you probably have a better idea of who we are! We’re so excited to get to know you too! Don’t forget to use Contact page to schedule a chat with us or schedule your appointment directly!

We can’t wait to hear from you and meet you in person!

Before and After
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