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Event Makeup – the 1st Black & Sexy award

Event Makeup – the 1st Black & Sexy award

What did I learn from this Event Makeup: Had my opportunity to work on the 1st Black & Sexy Award last Friday! While working with these three beautiful caramel to dark skin toned ladies, we had great conversations not only about makeup, but also about what they do, what they like. Within minutes, they trusted themselves in my hands without even looking at the mirror.  We were totally connected and it felt incredible! Often times, I hear makeup artists complaining about their clients.. I’ve been there and I understand it. But what I want to ask is: do you care about them and do you listen to them? The dynamic changes dramatically when I put myself second and my service first. I want all and any of my client to have a GREAT experience when they are sitting on my chair. I want them to know that I care about them and I want to know their story. I want them to feel that they can trust me! I constantly tell them how beautiful they are, not because I’m been fake, but because I see the beauty within them, and I want them to see that too! This really made a huge difference not only on how they feel, but also on how much more I enjoy what I do. Now I wake up in the morning receiving emails from referrals of my past clients and they rave about me. Even wedding coordinator that I have never met speak highly about me. Can you imagine how amazing that feels? Enjoy the makeup images! Hop to ‘before and after page’ to see the transformation! I can put makeup on people but I can’t fake this genuine and bright smile on her face. This is what she sees and how she feels. Incredible! It’s a quick 20 minutes transformation! DreamStoryPhoto_ Portrait_Black and Sexy_IMG_8649 Black & Sexy Award Host. Glam makeup by me DreamStoryPhoto_ Portrait_Black and Sexy_IMG_8653 Black & Sexy Award Red Carpet Host. Makeup by me DreamStoryPhoto_ Portrait_Black and Sexy_IMG_8657-Edit  
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