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Stress Talk

Finally, it’s time to face this topic! – Isn’t it even a little stressful to talk about stress?

So let’s discover it in the most fun way possible.

What is stress? According to clevelandclinic org

“Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from your environment, your body, and your thoughts.”

Basically almost any change creates stress in us. Talking about that…how are you feeling during this huge change caused by COVID-19? Definitely a change for every human on earth I’d say. 

The fact is, everyone is stressed at some level right now. Most of us are worrying about our finance and work, others are worrying about health and family, or both. 

However, in my humble opinion, the problem is not whether we have stress or not, the real problem lies in we as a society accept it as something that almost sounds ‘normal’. 

Why is that a problem? Because when we think it’s normal, it does’t motivate us to change! Whether to change ourselves or the environment we are in or both. We simply think it’s part of life we all have to deal with.

That being said, have you ever done any research on what stress does to our body and mind?

Here’s a simply illustration:B

Quite frankly, I’ve had all of the above symptoms, plus overeating and stress eating! 

How about you? 

Well the point here is not to focus on the problems, sit there and do nothing. The point is to take control on the things we CAN do to stress less and adapt to changes. 

There are many things you can do to relieve stress, but I’m gonna quickly mention a couple of my favorite ways:

1. Meditation: 

To a lot of people who are not familiar with meditation, this may seem to be a little intimidating. Truth is, meditation is not about sitting down with some fancy hand postures, keeping your spine straight and keeping your glaze low. It’s definitely not about stopping your thoughts. 

Anyone can meditate! All you need is a quiet environment. Somewhere to sit comfortably and close your eyes for some alone time. 

What I love about meditation is it can be done while you are washing dishes, doing housework, painting, journaling, praying. It’s not the form that’s important, but the actual practice itself. 

What I’ve noticed about meditation has done for me is that it gives me an opportunity to calm down my mind, process my emotions, re-process the situation that stresses me and look at things from different perspectives. Which all serves as part of the everyday stress relief.

If you are just starting, I highly recommend to start with 10 minutes, morning and before bed. I love putting on my favorite meditation music while meditating. You can definitely search for meditation apps or use some guided meditation to start with.

It will also help you to rewind and get a better night’s sleep.

2. Caring my body and mind by taking adaptogens on a daily basis. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what adaptogens are. A simple way to put it is they are goodies that allow your body and mind to adapt to environmental stress more quickly and easily. 

(The term adaptogen is applied to plants that produce special substances allowing them to survive under significant conditions of environmental stress.)

There are many articles about adaptogens and what they can do to help the body fight stress, and stress related symptoms. So I am not going to explain too much here. But I’ll say I love mine because it helps me not only with stress and anxiety, but also with mental focus, fatigue and gives me more energy. Plus, it taste great!!!

For my ladies who are getting married, don’t worry! We have this available for you :)))

For those who want to check out what I’m using, here’s my link for it.

To read more about the stress combat tonic I’m using, click here

Click here to see it’s reviews.

I think no matter what you do when it comes to stress, the ultimate goal is for us to be able to adapt to any changes quickly and not being affect by it so much. So, until next time, have a beautiful and joyful week!!!


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