A Textured Braid Low Bun

Who loves a textured braid low bun with a good volume for their wedding day or special event?

Such a popular and practical style especially if your hair doesn’t hold curls well ūüėČ


– From Ruby’s wedding trial

Smooth Low Updo + Natural Pearly Makeup


Super smooth low updo + natural pearly makeup for our Vietnamese Chinese Bride from last weekend! Congratulations Julie!
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How to reduce dark circles

How to reduce dark circles? What is it caused by?

Dark circles are caused by stress, poor blood circulation, irregular sleeping/life habit and genetics. It shows more as we get older. There’re many ways to help reduce it. For example: leaving refrigerated¬†cold green tea bags under the eye area for a few minutes, getting more sleep and applying a good eye cream/serum that contains vitamin C daily (vitamin C has brightening effect, if use in the morning, remember to use sunscreen after that before going out).

Here’s a good link for home remedies if you’re interested: (I’m all about nature products when it comes to skin care)


In the¬†makeup world, a good concealer can help reduce the dark circle appearance drastically. Make sure to apply a good layer to moisturizer¬†or eye cream¬†before applying the concealer so the concealer can go on smoothly. Look for something that’s a tone or two lighter than your skin and also dries fast and creases less (MAC Cosmetics has a good one, another brand I really like is LA Girls Cosmetics). If you have olive or darker skin tone, go for the concealer that has orange color in it, then lightly cover it with a medium to full coverage foundation that matches your skin tone. Then, set it with a translucent powder. Remember, less is more.

Stay Healthy and Beautiful ūüôā

Used LA Girls Cosmetics Concealer here
Used LA Girls Cosmetics Concealer here
Engagement Party. Natural glam makeup and hair
Engagement Party. Natural glam makeup and hair

The Importance of Wedding Trial

The importance of wedding trial can not be emphasized more.

Trial gives our brides the chance to see how their preferred makeup style and hairstyle would look on themselves. We may be drown to certain images from the webs but we’ll never know how it will look on us until we try it out! Whether it goes well with our skin tone, brings out more of our beautiful features or whether it goes well with our wedding colors and themes.. The point is also that¬†we want to look the best we can and still feel comfortable in person!

Here is a little tip for choosing preferred looks for your trial:

1. Do I wear makeup often? Although the makeup looks stunning on the image, will it look good on me? Will I feel comfortable having this makeup look on me for my wedding day?

2. Ask your friends, family and Husband-to-be and see how they think about the makeup style you like. We want you to not only feel beautiful on your wedding day, but also feel like yourself. And we want your other half to love how you look too!

3. When choosing hairstyles, try to look for the hairstyle that has similar hair color / length as yours. The lighter the hair color is, the better it reflects light and texture. Here are a few questions you may wanna ask yourself:

 a. This hairstyle looks pretty, but will it complement my face shape?

 b. Will this hairstyle go well with my dress?

 c. Does my hair hold curls well?

Braids will take some of your hair volume, so if you have thin hair, you may wanna consider that as well.

Here is the perfect example, our beautiful bride to be Crystal had her trial with me yesterday. She loved the smoky, glamorous look but when she went home, her fianc√©¬†wanted a more nature look on her. ūüôā We are happy to schedule another makeup trial for her! We wanna everyone to be happy! So definitely, especially when choosing makeup looks, talk about that with your beloved ones and make sure to let them know that makeup usually look more intense in person but will photograph beautifully on camera!

Our trial special $99 for both airbrush makeup and bridal hairstyling will end on 12/31/14, so make sure to schedule a trial before that!

Talk soon!


Toni Brides


Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_Trial_110614
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_Trial_110614