Highlight and Contour

It’s amazing how highlight and contour can dramatically change how we look!

But the truth is, if you’re not used to heavy makeup, it can also make you feel uncomfortable!! One tip for anyone who wants a more dramatic look for your special day:

Always test it out!!! I can not stress this enough the makeup look you find appealing on someone else may not make you feel comfortable or look like yourself! 
That’s The whole purpose of trial!

From July bride to be Binish’s trial.
Makeup and hair @tonibrides –

First Look

First look moment of Rim and Paul!

Today is their 3 months tying the knot!!

Happy 3 months Rim!

Bride + 13 makeup and hair @tonibrides
Photographer: @nextexitphotography

Glam Makeup For Birthday Event

3 years ago when I get to work on gorgeous @emilieeeee_ for her birthday ?

Some drama on the eyes but keeping everything else light ??

She’s a beautiful girl with or without makeup ?

Toni Brides Special Events_birthdayparty_201607_IMG_4727_combo

Pre-wedding makeup and hair

Before and after from yesterday’s trial!

Please help me to welcome another of our Queen Mary bride to be?????????

Trial makeup and hair @tonibrides 

Bridal Makeup and Hair 2019

Smooth Low Updo + Natural Pearly Makeup


Super smooth low updo + natural pearly makeup for our Vietnamese Chinese Bride from last weekend! Congratulations Julie!
For inquires, please email us at: contact@ToniBrides.com

Shimmery copper tone eyeshadow

Who loves a shimmery copper tone eyeshadow for the wedding day makeup with some full lashes?

I love this look on brides as well! It’s not overly dramatic but still accentuates the eyes and bring out some drama. Perfect for a soft smoky look with a twist 🙂

How do you like it?


Prom Makeup

It’s amazing how fast kids grows! Last Saturday, I got to do one of my good friend’s step daughter’s Prom Makeup. She still looked like a little teenager when I last saw her two years ago. Yet today, she’s grown into a beautiful young woman, going to prom with her boyfriend. How time flies..

During our makeup session, she showed me what she liked and didn’t like from last year’s event makeup done by another professional makeup artist. We quickly grasped the look for her that suits her prom theme – Hollywood Glam!

She was super happy with the result! How stunning does she look?!

Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_before makeup_IMG_6240
Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_before makeup_IMG_6240
Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_prom makeup_IMG_6241
Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_prom makeup_IMG_6241
Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_Prom makeup_IMG_6246
Toni Brides Makeup_Siena_Prom makeup_IMG_6246

It’s still prom season. If you or someone you know are looking for to get their makeup and hair done professionally, give us a call at 818 259 3087 or email us at contact@tonibrides.com!

Wedding Photo Sneak Peak

So happy to share these few sneak peak wedding photos for Natalie’s wedding 09/06/14.

I can’t be pleased enough of how the makeup looked in this low light. Shout out to the amazing photographer: Stacey Adams Photography for capturing these ‘getting ready’ moment!

Natalie wasn’t shy on colors, she knows exactly what she liked and that made my job easy 🙂

I remember when we are waiting at the elevator, a couple of young ladies kept on coming back to see her and ‘wow’ed how beautiful she is.  Her purple smoky eye/glam makeup with a low classic updo completed the look for her glamorous and classic wedding.

Can’t wait to see all the photos!


Toni Brides wedding hair_090614
Toni Brides wedding hair_090614
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_090614
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_090614
Toni Brides wedding makeup and hair_090614
Toni Brides wedding makeup and hair_090614