Natural Makeup for Bride

Looking down a detailed look of Jennifer’s makeup!
We both loved it! fresh and glowy ūüėÄ

Another bride to be settled with us after a previous trial with someone else (she said the previous makeup trial made her feel old. That’s definitely the last thing a bride wants to feel on her wedding day!!)

Makeup and hair trial @ tonibrides
Can’t wait to be there for your big day Jennifer!!

Bridal Makeup and Hair

As I was going through some of our past wedding photos, I saw this one from our 2018 May bride Jacqueline!

Absolutely love the final day makeup and hair on her! And I’m so glad she was able to fully trust me and my team!

p,s a little back end story, we went back and forth quite a few times after her trial to alternate her most desired looks on both makeup and hair. So if you are a bride to be and noticed the color and style you loved on someone else doesn’t look good on you, I ensure that you are not alone! This happens! More than you think!! The most important thing is to communicate well before your trial and during your trial! Find a team that’s trustworthy!

Wedding Guest Makeup

When you feel beautiful, it makes you look more confident, feel more powerful and feel unstoppable!

This is no BS because I’ve personally seen hundreds of women changing their way looking into the camera, changing their way of presenting themselves after their makeup is done!

Can you relate to that? What else do you feel when you feel pretty?

Wedding guest Makeup by @tonibrides 

Wavy Hairstyle for Bride

Big wavy hair always worked beautifully on our bride Pamela!

Have you checked out our Pinterest collection on hairstyles?
If you are looking for hairstyle ideas, go take a look!

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Toni Brides_jewish wedding_Hollywood_Bride

Beautiful Makeup Starts With Good Skin Care


A beautiful makeup application can’t happen without good skin care. I urge all brides-to-be to take care of their skin by exfoliating regularly and moisturizing daily to create a good canvas for your big day ūüôā
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Bride and Bridal Party

Love this photo from Sarah’s wedding

bride + 7 bridesmaids makeup and hair by Toni Brides team.

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Amazing Image by @viaimagery

Smooth Low Updo + Natural Pearly Makeup


Super smooth low updo + natural pearly makeup for our Vietnamese Chinese Bride from last weekend! Congratulations Julie!
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How to plan your Wedding Makeup and Hair

Wedding Makeup and Hair is an essential part of a wedding day. In a matter of fact, it’s usually the¬†start of the day for bride and her wedding party.¬†How¬†Makeup and Hair appointment goes sets the atmosphere of the day and¬†determines¬†whether everyone will be happy of how they look and feel in person and in the¬†professional wedding photos later.

How to plan your Wedding Day Makeup and Hair??
Wedding Makeup and Hair for Brides

You may ask, ‘So how should I plan my and my wedding party’s¬†Wedding Makeup and Hair?’ Good questions! Well, in my opinion, it’s best to¬†coordinate with your wedding theme, dress and personal comfort. What’s your wedding theme? Is it vintage,¬†retro, or modern, classic? Is it ourdoor or indoor? what’s the neckline, material and shape of your dress? Does your dress have an open back or is it a sweetheart shape? Is it lacey or silky material? Is it a ‘A shape’ or mermaid shape? Lastly, do you wear makeup and style your hair on a¬†regular base?

All these questions are directly related to¬†your Wedding¬†Makeup and Hair.¬†¬†And if it’s too much to consider, not to worry! We cover¬†all these aspects, recommend and design¬†a best¬†look for you during our phone consultation and trial.

* Need Wedding Hair Accessories? Check out these handmade ones

Wedding Makeup and Hair for bridesmaids

Now you may wonder, what about my wedding party’s makeup and hair? In general, wedding party makeup and hair should go¬†along with the¬†same style of the bride.¬†If your bridesmaids have the same or similar dress, their makeup¬†and hair¬†style should also be¬†coordinated with their dresses. However,¬†bridesmaids makeup and hair should not¬†overwhelm the bride’s.¬† For example, if you are having a¬†retro style wedding theme and wedding dress, you want your makeup and hair to go along with the theme, same principles apply to your bridesmaids makeup and hair but standout less.

Wedding Makeup and Hair for Moms

Mom’s Makeup and Hair. Moms are usually the modest on wedding days.¬†However, they are one of the most important¬†wedding party that need to look great on their children’s wedding day! As we age, we tend to need a little bit more coverage and color on our faces and¬†cover some grays and make the hair look fuller to appear more¬†youthful.¬†But keep it natural, sophisticated¬†and classy¬†should be¬†a general rule. We want moms to look¬†good on our wedding days, not¬†only for the wedding photos, it’s¬†also a perfect way to show our appreciation, like a sweet special treatment for them.

Here are some good examples of Brides and Wedding party Makeup and Hair:

Toni Brides Wedding_20140927_family photo
Toni Brides Wedding_20140927_family photo
Toni Brides Wedding_20140927_bride and bridesmaids
Toni Brides Wedding_20140927_bride and bridesmaids

View More:

ToniBrides Wedding_Belairbayclub_beforeafte_20150315
ToniBrides Wedding_Belairbayclub_beforeafte_20150315
ToniBrides Wedding_WeddingParty_Beforeafter_20150315
ToniBrides Wedding_WeddingParty_Beforeafter_20150315


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