The Best Relationship

I laugh harder with you.
I feel more myself with you.
I trust you with me- the real me.
When something goes wrong,
or right, or I hear a funny joke,
or I see something bizarre,
you’re the first person I want to talk about.
-Samantha Young



Smooth Low Updo + Natural Pearly Makeup


Super smooth low updo + natural pearly makeup for our Vietnamese Chinese Bride from last weekend! Congratulations Julie!
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Shimmery copper tone eyeshadow

Who loves a shimmery copper tone eyeshadow for the wedding day makeup with some full lashes?

I love this look on brides as well! It’s not overly dramatic but still accentuates the eyes and bring out some drama. Perfect for a soft smoky look with a twist 🙂

How do you like it?