Bridal Makeup and Hair

As I was going through some of our past wedding photos, I saw this one from our 2018 May bride Jacqueline!

Absolutely love the final day makeup and hair on her! And I’m so glad she was able to fully trust me and my team!

p,s a little back end story, we went back and forth quite a few times after her trial to alternate her most desired looks on both makeup and hair. So if you are a bride to be and noticed the color and style you loved on someone else doesn’t look good on you, I ensure that you are not alone! This happens! More than you think!! The most important thing is to communicate well before your trial and during your trial! Find a team that’s trustworthy!

Glam Makeup For Birthday Event

3 years ago when I get to work on gorgeous @emilieeeee_ for her birthday ?

Some drama on the eyes but keeping everything else light ??

She’s a beautiful girl with or without makeup ?

Toni Brides Special Events_birthdayparty_201607_IMG_4727_combo

A Textured Braid Low Bun

Who loves a textured braid low bun with a good volume for their wedding day or special event?

Such a popular and practical style especially if your hair doesn’t hold curls well 😉


– From Ruby’s wedding trial

Smooth Low Updo + Natural Pearly Makeup


Super smooth low updo + natural pearly makeup for our Vietnamese Chinese Bride from last weekend! Congratulations Julie!
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Wedding Photo Sneak Peak

So happy to share these few sneak peak wedding photos for Natalie’s wedding 09/06/14.

I can’t be pleased enough of how the makeup looked in this low light. Shout out to the amazing photographer: Stacey Adams Photography for capturing these ‘getting ready’ moment!

Natalie wasn’t shy on colors, she knows exactly what she liked and that made my job easy 🙂

I remember when we are waiting at the elevator, a couple of young ladies kept on coming back to see her and ‘wow’ed how beautiful she is.  Her purple smoky eye/glam makeup with a low classic updo completed the look for her glamorous and classic wedding.

Can’t wait to see all the photos!


Toni Brides wedding hair_090614
Toni Brides wedding hair_090614
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_090614
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_090614
Toni Brides wedding makeup and hair_090614
Toni Brides wedding makeup and hair_090614


22nd August 2014 Wedding

22nd August 2014 Wedding by Toni Brides.

Here we go, another super busy week had past, now I finally had a chance to sit down in front of my laptop and share some Wedding Makeup and Hair from last weekend with you 🙂

For our beautiful bride Sarah, a semi-messy low up-do and a natural makeup with neutral brown/peach tone colors are just perfect for her, with a little bit black wing-liner and individual lashes, the Big Day look is done :))

For her sister, I went with the same theme but more subtle. After all, we want the bride to stand out the most 😉 Her hair is a little shorter than shoulder length. She loves braids(aren’t we all do?!), and wanted hair to be completely off her face so her little 6 month old baby won’t grab and pull.  I’m so glad I was able to achieve what she wanted and more by giving her an up-do with her ‘hard to hold curls’ short hair.

Everyone is happy!

Tips for hair: If you have hair that doesn’t hold curls well, an up-do for your wedding day is highly recommended. With some high and low lights, it will give you more textured look too!

Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_0822_beforeafter
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_0822_beforeafter

Toni Brides Wedding Hair_0822_bride_updo

Toni Brides Wedding Hair_0822_Shorthair_updo
Toni Brides Wedding Hair_0822_Shorthair_updo