Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eye is a great way to make most Asian eyes look bigger (yup Asian eye is a thing!)

AND… to add some sultry sexiness to the overall look!

Acne is a great concern of hers so I made sure to use full coverage to boost her skin confidence 🙂

– From Christine’s wedding trial this week

When You Find The Right Person

When it’s the right person, love feels easy just like the summer breeze brush through your face…

All fears and insecurity eventually fall away.

What’s left is the genuine and warm feeling that makes you feel safe to be yourself ??

I love this photo captured by @mhervahaknphoto on Laura and Aram’s wedding day!

Beautiful moment!

Bride makeup and hair @tonibrides

Before and After Bride Wedding Day April 2019

It’s never enough to assume how a makeup or hair would look on you until you try it!

What’s equally true is that,
never assume you won’t look the way you desire until you meet someone who can make your vision into reality

This is what Rim said after the trial and her wedding day:
‘The makeup and hair looked even better than what I wanted!’

Wavy Hairstyle for Bride

Big wavy hair always worked beautifully on our bride Pamela!

Have you checked out our Pinterest collection on hairstyles?
If you are looking for hairstyle ideas, go take a look!

We’re constantly pinning the most popular pins from the web

Toni Brides_jewish wedding_Hollywood_Bride

Beautiful Makeup Starts With Good Skin Care


A beautiful makeup application can’t happen without good skin care. I urge all brides-to-be to take care of their skin by exfoliating regularly and moisturizing daily to create a good canvas for your big day 🙂
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Bride and Bridal Party

Love this photo from Sarah’s wedding

bride + 7 bridesmaids makeup and hair by Toni Brides team.

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Amazing Image by @viaimagery

Korean Wedding

Toni Brides’ last wedding of 2016 – Korean Wedding! We love how the makeup and hairstyle look on our bride Victoria. It’s new year’s eve, early and raining but it’s all worth it! Victoria was super happy about how her makeup and hair turned out to be for her big day!

For makeup, I did a smoky eye and used traditional foundation on the bride. Contour and highlight is a must to achieve this dimensioned makeup look.

For hair, I did a soft half up-do with some ribbon twist at the center of the back.

We hope you love this look too!

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Toni Brides Wedding Makeup and Hair_bride_before_20161231


Feeling the love and support

Feeling the love and support is an essential element for a good wedding.

I had the opportunity to provide my service for our bride Kirsten, her mom and mother in-law this past Saturday. It’s a destination wedding in Ventura. Kirsten and Mike’s ceremony was set up at Mike’s parents’ backyard at their beach front house built by his grand parents in the 40s! Over looking the entire Ventura beach. Their wedding was perfectly planned with months’ preparation.  Although on the day of, Kirsten was feeling a strong anxiety attack and literally broke down during her makeup session, her dear friends and family were there for her. With the love and support, her day was completely turned around like magic! I was so happy that she was able to let go of the fear, worries and anxiety after her makeup and just be her beautiful and vibrate self<3

Congratulations Kirsten, best wishes to you and your sweet love!

feeling the love and support changed her day
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup_101114_beforeafter_bride
ToniBrides Wedding Makeup and Hair_101114_beforeafter
ToniBrides Wedding Makeup and Hair_101114_beforeafter
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup and Hair_101114
Toni Brides Wedding Makeup and Hair_101114
Toni Brides Wedding_101114
Toni Brides Wedding_101114