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The importance of cleanse

The importance of cleanse

If your weddings are postponed to later this year or you are slowly planning your wedding for later 2020, this is for you!


Things must have felt a bit strange and uncertain with the whole COVID-19 situation going on and I get you! It is definitely causing some concerns about the future, how everything will play out in our lives, for our jobs, and especially health-related concerns.

You know what’s funny? A lot of us always felt there isn’t enough time in our lives to either working on something we always wanted, or just relaxing or spending more time with loved ones, now we do, yet it doesn’t feel that good. In a matter of fact, most of us feel more stressed than ever and emotionally unstable!

I’m not sure about you but I know under this stress and emotional roller coaster, I’ve been eating more even when I wasn’t hungry, and of course, exercising less (totally guilty there). What about you?

And to be honest, it doesn’t feel good! I started feeling I wasn’t taking care of myself, my body or emotions. So I decided to take a good 3 weeks off to just focusing on myself, my well-being. I decided to fill up my cup before I can give to and help others.

I feel like this guarantee is forcing me to recharge, regroup and reset almost everything in my life and I really really want this to be an opportunity for you to think about all these things too. Why? Because I know I’m not alone. Many of us are feeling stressed, emotionally and physically in the past month and half. The question is, how?

There are many tips out there that are circling around on how to feel productive during guarantee and I don’t want to repeat that. So today, I want to focus on something you may not have heard of – the power of detox or cleanse!

When I say detox or cleanse, I don’t just mean physically, there’s also a huge emotional part. Our body is our temple through which we use as a vehicle for this lifetime to experience everything life has to offer. So it’s not hard to understand why at this time, people look at their health more important than ever. In a matter of fact, I did a simple survey on my Facebook account asking people what’s the most important thing for them right now and 95% of them answered it’s their health.

Yet, although we may agree with that intellectually, which means understanding that’s what we should do, few ever take it seriously enough to actually do it. Why is that? Well, I believe because majority of us are in a survival mood right now and just try to get by day by day so the concept of ‘eating healthy’ almost never cross out minds. Plus, with the limited recourses of going grocery shopping, most of us are trying to store something that has a longer shelflife. And so that became the priority for most.

What we don’t realize is that we eat when we don’t feel good too! We are using food as a substance or comfort to fill in that void of uncertainty and feeling of stress. Wouldn’t you agree?

By doing a weekly cleanse, not only will we give our liver and digestive system a break, we will experience amazing effects such as getting rid of the toxins from the foods we eat (artificial colors, sweeteners, highly processed foods etc.), but also strengthen our immune system(who doesn’t need that right now?!), release a few lbs (including the visceral fat), eliminate cravings to name a few. At the same time, you may also feel certain emotions are coming up as part of the emotional cleanse during your physical cleanse days.

So if this sounds interesting to you at all, I’d love to introduce you to my supportive small group who are doing an 11 day cleanse. We all need some extra support and love at this time and I want to invite you to be part of it! We are taking the before photos right now and can’t wait to see the result physically and emotionally in 11 days!

Can’t wait to do it together with you!

(Simply send me an email to and let me know that you are interested!)

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