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What does the best version mean to YOU?

define your own best version

So many times I hear people say they want to look natural for their big day. Yet, they would bring a photo of Kim Kardashian's to the trial 🙂 I bet you know what I mean. Natural has different meaning to each of us. So it's important to understand your comfort level and define what it means to you! For a lot of our clients in the past, wedding makeup and hair are merely something to help them enhance their facial features. What they really want is not just makeup and hair, but a way to actually feel and look their best - their best version.

You probably have a friend or two who tried a strict diet or hired a personal trainer or paid constant visit to their dermatologist before their wedding day. It's not hard to understand why they would spend time and money doing that. Because in their mind, they have an image on how they want to look and feel for their big day!

After all, wedding day is possibly one of the biggest event in our lives, who wouldn't want to look and feel our best? The question is, what does looking and feeling your best mean to you?

To a lot of us, it means less stress, better sleep, more energy. Physically, mentally and emotionally feeling fit and healthy. It means having that natural glow on our skin, looking gorgeous but not overly done. It's a feeling of happiness, bliss and confidence.

Maybe it's different for you, who knows? Everyone is a little different. But it's definitely something worth thinking about.

If your big day is coming up. I encourage you to envision the big picture, define what your best version means to you, set your goals and plan it out accordingly. Don't forget, we are here to help you with not only the makeup and hair, but also your physical and emotional fitness and health!

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